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  • November is a month of many planetary shifts, some planets into new signs, other planets retrograding or passing back into signs they've already passed through. We are reminded that our journey of changing and healing continues. We can feel inspired, confused, optimistic, and depressed, all in the same day! Our relationships are mending, our hearts are healing, our lives are changing, and along the way we need support, and we need to provide support to others. Perhaps we can take a lesson from our friends, the trees. We can see how they adjust to their falling leaves, and feel confident that new leaves will return in the spring. We can let go of what we no longer need, in order to make room for what has been seeded in us and is prepared to grow us into our future.
  • October is a month of Libra, an air sign. And air is what we needed to breath from the "git go." Breathe in, speak up, release. Women, in particular, were on the spot, experiencing long-held stories of abuse, and needing to speak them. It was no longer okay, or needed, to hold back. It was no longer required to identify with old stereotypes, or to restrict oneself to a submissive attitude in any sphere. The times "they are a changin'." As difficult as it is to release our old identities, and redefine who we are, this is what is being required in this time. Click on the title for more details.
  • No one ever said that harvest was easy work! The month of September demonstrates that perfectly. We must be detailed and precise with our Virgo strengths, yet willing to work hard amid challenges of weather, dictates of other people, and our own personal distractions. It was a wild summer and we were ready for a reprieve from eclipses and retrogrades and craziness! But the planets were not quite ready for a total change, just a gradual transition. Click on the title for all the details.
  • August is a month filled with multiple retrograde planets, challenging aspects, and the third eclipse in a lunar month. The New Moon in Leo had the ecllipse and was the focal point of a yod with Pluto and Neptune. The Full Moon is in Pisces late in the month. Several significant aspects remain in orb the entire month, including Mars square Uranus, Saturn trine Uranus, and Jupiter trine Neptune.  Mercury stations direct on August 18. Mars finally stations direct after a 2-month retrograde on August 27. Click on the title for details.
  • July is a month of filled with powerful struggles, crises and threats to our security. There are also opportunities for relief and spiritual gain if we take advantage of them. But they require us to look within, to ask for guidance, and to pay attention. Healing is possible, but we need an attitude of openness and acceptance for things that may be difficult. It is said that hard times make us stronger. July is a test. There are two eclipses in July, a partial solar eclipse on July 12 at the New Moon in Cancer, and a total lunar eciipse on July 27 with the Full Moon in Aquarius.
  • The month of June began with a Kite formation. A Kite pattern is created when a planet in a Grand Trine is opposed by another planet. The opposition planet then forms sextiles to the other two planets in the Grand Trine. If one were to draw lines between the planets, you would end up with the form of a kite. So what is the energy of a Kite formation and why might it be important, given it was in the birth chart of June? Both trines (120 degrees, or the circle divided by 3) and sextiles (60 degrees, or the circle divided by 6) are aspects between planets that have qualities in common or ...
  • We think of May as the month of slow, earthy Taurus energy, and certainly it's with us this month. But we still have a lot of fiery Aries as well, and enough squares between volatile planets to keep the temperature and tensions quite high! This is a month of deep revelations, not only in the news, but in our own individual lives. And we must be strong, brave, and willing to listen, as well as speak the truth. Important aspects start with Mars/Pluto conjunction, then a Mars/Uranus square. Venus moves through Gemini and then Cancer, aspecting Neptune, Saturn and Chiron. The biggest event of the month is Uranus entering the sign of Taurus. There's a New Moon in Taurus, a Full Moon in Sagittarius, Mars enters Aquarius and Mercury enters its own sign of Gemini. Big month. Click on the title for details.
  • April arrived just hours after the Full Moon in Libra, and ushered a shower of holiday celebrations. Mercury was retrograde, Mars was conjunct Saturn, Venus was in her own sign of Taurus. Mercury stationed direct April 15, and later that day we had the New Moon in Aries. The New Moon accentuated the tension and urges for action that Aries energy brings. Aspects to Uranus, Eris and Pluto bring the need for changes to be made, so that the seeds and growth of spring are sprouted! Both Saturn and Pluto station retrograde during the month, emphasizing the need for evaluation, looking inward more closely for what needs to be reworked or released, in order  the important growth that must be done. The month ends with a powerful Full Moon in Scorpio. Click on the title for more details.
  • March, the month we move into a new season, and a new astrological year, is not giving us a lot of ease. We shift from an intensely intuitive and emotional Pisces period into lots of fiery Aries and active cardinal energy, without much time for rest and transition. There are two Full Moons in the month, the Virgo Full Moon on the March 1, and the Libra Full Moon on March 31. On the 17th there's a New Moon in Pisces. The outer planets are all taking active roles this month, while Venus and Mercury are conjunct most of the month. Jupiter stations retrograde on March 8, and Mercury stations retrograde on the 22nd. The Spring Equinox occurs on March 20 for the Northern Hemisphere. Click on the title for more details.
  • January starts and ends with intense feelings in the form of Full Moons. Yes, this is a month of 2 Full Moons, the first a Supermoon in Cancer on January 1, and the second a total lunar eclipse in Leo on January 31. Meanwhile, multiple planets were in the earth sign of Capricorn. At one point, there were 6 planets in Capricorn. From the 2nd of the month, all planets were in direct motion. Mars and Jupiter were conjunct in Scorpio much of the month, with the urge toward action. There were many squares to Uranus, inspiring new ideas. Together, these aspects gave us all the impulse to get organized, take direct action, stay disciplined, and move forward. However, Saturn rules Capricorn, and is situated there, holding the line, and creating restraint, so that impulses to move quickly were held back. Thus the feeling and impulses to move forward were strong this month, but just not able to move quickly. Click on the title to read the details.