October: Speaking Up and Staying Strong

We slipped almost gracefully into October, particularly after the explosive and disgraceful events of the final days of September in the U.S. Senate. The closest planetary aspects in the chart of October’s birth were two trines, the lingering trine of Saturn/Uranus and a trine between the Sun and Mars. There was one other very strong aspect that is not between planets but between a point and a planet. The “point” is the apogee of the Moon's orbit, or that point in the orbit farthest from the Earth. We call it the Black Moon Lilith, and as we began the month, the Black Moon Lilith was exactly conjunct Mars in Aquarius.

To find meaning in the Black Moon Lilith, we do look at myth, and biblical stories. However, from my point of view, those references must be re-interpreted from a more feminine friendly perceptive, since myths and the bible are so definitely patriarchal. Lilith was supposedly the first wife of Adam, but when she insisted on equality in the relationship, was banished from Eden, and went on to do heinous and demonic deeds. There are those who say she is the shadow side of the Moon, the opposite of the loving, nurturing mother, embodying a cruel, negative and dangerous archetype. From my perspective, however, I see a symbol of a feminine energy demanding freedom and equality, and an unwillingness to be controlled or to fit into conventional stereotypes for women.

Does that sound a bit Uranian to you? Me, too! (Yes, enjoy the pun!) A conjunction of Black Moon Lilith and Mars in Aquarius, a Uranus-ruled sign, speaks to me of what we’ve been seeing in the news in these last few weeks, with women coming forth in a very direct Martian way, with their stories of sexual abuse. And of course, being spat upon and disrespected by so many people still clinging to their old, patriarchal beliefs about how women should not speak up, or speak out, or be believed, when telling the tales of sexual assault. Having this conjunction in the chart of October says we will see more of the same throughout the month.

Another very interesting formation in October’s birth chart was a Yod to Jupiter in Scorpio. The base of the triangular Yod was formed by an exact sextile between Eris in Aries and the Moon in Gemini, both archetypally feminine energies, each making a quincunx to Jupiter. A Yod, also called a “Finger of God,” is a challenging, but creative formation. The energy formed by the planets in sextile are released through the third planet. In this case, imagine the Eris/Moon energy, women organizing to stir up resistance to the status quo by speaking their long-suppressed stories, despite the expected shame and blame. The release of this energy via Jupiter in Scorpio, is having faith, bringing hope, that what they are doing will ultimately result in a more evolved, spiritual point of view for the collective.

Throughout the first week, we had an active cardinal T-square, with Mercury opposing Mars, and both of them squaring Pluto. Despite Mercury being in Libra, this did not make for particularly harmonious communications. With Venus slowed to stationing in Scorpio, and retrograde from 12:05 PM PDT on October 5, people, particularly women, were feeling very emotional. Old repressed stories of abuse had been stirred up, creating the need to grieve. Venus square the Mars/Black Moon Lilith conjunction had many struggling with resentment, and trying to figure out how to deal with it in a not-so-explosively reactive way. A spiritual focus was helpful for many, helped along by a trine between Venus and Neptune.

The New Moon in Libra arrived at 8:46 PM PDT on October 8. The duo were strongly squared to Pluto and in a quincunx to Neptune. The agenda for this month-long Moon cycle, in a nutshell, is transformation. We will be assessing our values from a deep inner, and emotional space (Venus retrograde in Scorpio) and faced with letting go of what we no longer need while making room for what we are evolving into.

Mercury shifted into Scorpio  at 5:41 PM PDT on October 9, just prior to the Moon also moving into Scorpio, and the two of them opposing Uranus in Taurus. This accentuates the theme of transformation, as Uranus continues to rouse our minds and hearts to that to which we need fully awaken. Meanwhile Saturn, still in trine to Uranus, will be sextile Mercury and Venus until October 16, creating a mediating tone of steadiness and strength. On that day, the Sun is exactly opposed Eris, reminding us that the issues of equality and respect are still ruling the day. They will not be ignored.

By October 17, Mars has gained in speed, moved on from its slowed down retrograde pace, and is no longer conjunct the south node of the moon. The Sun is still opposing Eris, and forming a quincunx with Chiron. Mercury trines Neptune, giving a nudge toward more diplomatic communications and/or negotiations as we struggle with the letting go and moving forward.

The Sun enters Scorpio at 4:23 AM PDT on October 23, conjunct Venus, and exactly opposite Uranus at 0 degrees of Taurus. The next day, October 24, we have the Full Moon at 1 and 1/2 degrees Taurus at 9:45 AM PDT.  It forms a fixed grand cross with the transiting nodes of the Moon, which are also just over 1 and 1/2 degrees of Leo and Aquarius. The Moon is conjunct Uranus and the Sun is conjunct retrograde Venus in Scorpio. The Moon/Uranus is trine Saturn in Capricorn, while the Sun/Venus is sextile Saturn. Mercury and Jupiter, conjunct in Scorpio, are trine Chiron. It’s truly a potent Full Moon. The aspects reinforce the “letting go” theme, despite the Moon being in Taurus, a sign that is far more into accumulation than letting go.

How is that? With the Sun in Scorpio and conjunct Venus retrograde in Scorpio, we are looking into the past, being honest about what needs to be cleared away, in order to get to the root of the matter, our strength and truth. And the Taurus Moon is conjunct Uranus! Taurus Moon wants to hang on to what is beautiful, reliable, and nourishing, but with Uranus there, it is willing to wake up and see what is no longer any of those things, and release the old and worn. The Grand Cross, formed with the Moon’s nodes, brings a sense of destiny to this Full Moon moment, encouraging us to look the past squarely in the face, and say farewell to what is holding us back from the future we need. The Saturn influences could put a bit more reluctance into our “release” gear, but given they are soft aspects, they may just provide more strength and stability for the process.

As the Moon moves on through Taurus, it will oppose both Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio, continuing the process of redefining ourselves during this fall season of slowing down and letting go. The final days of the month, Mercury and Jupiter will be in trine aspect to Chiron, which will also assist in owning our old wounds, and realizing we no longer have to live from them, but can use them as “grist for the mill.”

Mercury moves into Sagittarius at 9:39 PM PDT on October 30, adding some fire to the chart, and a more philosophical perspective. However, it almost immediately begins to slow down in advance of its final retrograde period of 2018, which will begin mid-November. So be prepared, with backups of your electronic devices, or whatever makes you feel more secure against typical Mercury retrograde issues. Venus retrogrades back into Libra at 12:42 PM PDT on October 31, where she will be until early December. She will station direct mid-November.


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