July Starts with a New Moon Eclipse!

Wham! Pow! Shazam! Come July 1, the New Moon in Cancer, with its powerful eclipse in a Cardinal Grand Cross, we are off to an amazing web of changes—globall, institutionally, individually and in our communities!

Now, you could easily say, "but I thought we were making powerful changes last month, last year, with the last eclipses, and..." AND you'd be right! Yet and still, there is more to come. I hope you're not too out of breath.

The New Moon in Cancer at 1:54 AM PDT Friday July 1 2011 is trined to Neptune in Pisces. Sounds warm and fuzzy, with a focus on nurturing, safety, and family connections. Aha—take a better look. The Sun and Moon are also opposing transformational Pluto! They are forming tense squares with wild and crazy Uranus and stodgy, fear mongering Saturn! All slow-moving, deeply intense and dramatically change-producing.

I hope you didn't bother to stay up and watch for this eclipse, unless you happened to be in the south Indian Ocean, because it wasn't visible where you are. However...that doesn't mean change is not happening for you, perhaps in spite of your best intentions.

If you recall, I said last month, when there was also a partial Solar eclipse at the New Moon, eclipses are openings, allowing for energy flow. That's why they signify change. With this eclipse in Cancer, think about Cancer-oriented issues like family, conditioning, old patterns, expectations of what we think, or what we have been told will make us happy or secure. Now—get real!

The pressure is building to change some of those conditioned ways of being or believing. Because it/they simply no longer make sense (if they ever did really). Because YOU have moved on in your consciousness, and that old belief or behavior is holding you back from really connecting to yourself.

Like the women of Saudi Arabia who are driving cars despite the laws against women driving, and risking arrest for doing so. Laws against women driving cars are nonsensical in the 21st century. If a woman chooses not to drive, fine, that's her choice. If her choice is to drive a car, however, she has a human right to do that.

Hard as we might want to maintain the status quo, it won't be maintained. There is too much pressure to change. We can, as individuals, cling to outmoded beliefs, just as the middle east dictators cling to power. Much suffering and chaos results.

Look for that which is calling out for change, and work with it. Some change can be relatively easy and relatively quick. But most things take time, patience, moving step by step (positive qualities of pesky Saturn) because they are deep and evolutionary (Pluto). We may get niggling, or even quite stunning insights (Uranus). Sometimes our world feels upside down, and we just want it to stop. Then we look within for counsel from our inner Source of wisdom (Neptune) and live to cope another day.

The important thing is to be willing, willing to accept the insight about what must be changed, even if we feel unable to take the required action right now. More opportunities will come.

Also on July 1, but late in the day, Mercury will move into Leo , where self-expression and creativity influence our communications. Hopefully a little clownish humor won't give way to more egotistical grandstanding. Be careful with wanting to make your point a bit too forcefully during this month. Passion and drama are entertaining, but it's good to know when to "fold 'em."

Venus will move into emotional nurturing Cancer for the July 4th holiday, but in the early days of her passage through the sign, she will join those difficult aspects with Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, making relationships and finances a bit prickly. Keep in mind the need for change in your old modes of dealing with these very ego-provoking issues. Despite the feelings involved, cultivate a state of mental and emotional neutrality/flexibility as best you can, in order to move through the next 10 days with your self-esteem intact.

Some very good news, at least potentially, is that giant Jupiter and powerful Pluto have been moving into a usually cooperative trine aspect that will last about a year. On July 7, they make the first of a series of three exact alignments. A trine usually means that the planets are in the same element. Sure enough, Jupiter is in Taurus, and Pluto in Capricorn. Think in ways of earth: practical, substantial, material, sensual, so that you can make good use of this time when the god of broadening our horizons meets the god of the underworld treasure. Perhaps you will travel (literally or figuratively) to a whole new culture and begin a lucrative business venture. Perhaps you will meet someone from a far-away land who leads you to a deeply spiritual path that alters your body/life in a healthy way.

The outer planets spend a good deal of time in retrograde motion. Starting July 9, it's Uranus' turn to go retrograde for about 5 months. This gives us time to sit with the insights for change we've received, and make plans for breaking free, and moving ahead in 2012.

The first half of July culminates with a Full Moon in Capricorn Thursday July 14 at 11:40 PM PDT. The pull is between the feelings about home and hearth vs. the responsibilities of career and status. Do we let there be a problem between inner needs and outer needs or can we pull together and hold the opposites as one?

The most interesting thing for me about this Full Moon is the t-square it forms with a new planet Eris, named for the so-called "goddess of discord," more likely this goddess embodied the shadow parts of the feminine that were cast off and discarded because they were unacceptable to the patriarchy. Now that we can fulfill the totality of womanhood, of the feminine, what parts named "bitch, whore, witch, slut, unfulfilled woman" can we redeem, bring out of the shadows, and integrate into the whole?

If anyone has an experience or insight around the Eris square that you would like to share, I'd be very interested in hearing about it.

In the final week of the month, the Sun and then Venus enter the Sun's sign of Leo. We'll be emphasizing the drama and creativity of the Sun, have the capacity to open our hearts to more warmth in our relationships, unless ego gets in the way. In that case, dig deep for some humor and find something to do outdoors!

During that same week, Mercury enters its own sign of Virgo and prepares to station for retrograde period starting early August.

Stay tuned! Have a good July!


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