September: Harvest Season Begins

September is a complicated month, as we end summer, and begin the northern hemisphere's season of harvest. Just what will we be reaping? As it is with nature, we're reaping what we have sown. Some crops will be welcomed, and some will not.

With the onset of September, Mercury retrograde was conjunct Mars and the North Node in Leo, and all were trine Uranus in Aries. This aspect continues much of the awe and attention-seeking of the last period of August, but also encourages action-taking for positive results, as is seen by the generous helpfrulness of all the volunteers in the Houston area during the devastating flood and the storms in Florida, the Caribbean, Sri Lanka, and other parts of the world. Unfortunately, there are those who used this energy to communicate in sudden, hurtful ways, for little or no reason. It was just Mercury/Mars/Uranus run amok, with no impulse control.

September 3 and 4 had Venus in Leo opposed the Moon in Aquarius. The need for love and the need for freedom. It had the potential for easy-going and friendly encounters. However, that aspect could not operate in isolation. The need for power, and showing one's tough Martian ego was also in effect, as we saw N. Korea announce another "successful" bomb test. The Jupiter opposition to Uranus and Eris definitely said, "Don't try to push me around."

Mars moved into Virgo at 2:35 AM PDT on September 5, altering the fiery Mars energy into a more subdued earthy energy. At the moment of entering Virgo, the Moon in Pisces was strongly opposed Mars, and was also a calming influence.

Mercury stationed direct just two hours later at 4:30 AM PDT on September 5, on the exact degree of the August solar eclipse, 28 degrees Leo. Whatever was felt or meant to be experienced via the eclipse energy was given a boost with the Mercury station on that degree. It's difficult not to see the sequence of earthly disasters, i.e., hurricanes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes, record high temperatures in some places, etc as reflections of eclipse "shock" and awe. Mercury won't be out of its shadow until September 19, when it hits the 11 degrees 38 minutes degrees of Virgo where its retrograde period began.

For me, however, it was Neptune that truly stepped into the spotlight for early September. The Sun, in Virgo, was opposed Neptune, and the Moon, in Capricorn conjunct Pluto, was sextile Neptune at the start. The Moon in Pisces (Neptune ruled) was opposed Mercury when it stationed on the eclipse degree, all highlighting once again the watery Neptunian/Piscean aura. Not that Neptune was ever really out of the picture. There's nothing like a flood, of water or watery emotions, to remind us of Neptune. With the Sun and Neptune in opposition, from the final days of August through nearly the first two weeks of September, "flood" was on our minds. Neptune, with its rule of Pisces, was especially powerful during the Full Moon.

The Full Moon in Pisces arrived at 13 degrees 53 minutes, on September 6 at 12:02 AM PDT. The Moon was conjunct Neptune. There is synchronicity in the Full Moon, in that the Moon and Neptune were conjunct in June when Neptune went retrograde. At that time, Neptune was 14 degrees, the Moon 12 degrees. This Full Moon, the Moon was 14 degrees, and Neptune was 12 degrees. So the September Full Moon reinforces the themes of the Neptune retrograde period, but with the addition of the opposition of the Virgo Sun. The issues of old memories re-emerging suddenly, or "out of the blue," intense dreams, intuitive insights, strong feelings that can seem to overwhelm you, all are possible at this Full Moon time.

Every Full Moon carries the energy of opposing forces, yet we do not call it by the name of the Sun, but of the Moon, for good reason, especially this time. The Sun involves the ego, and what we are seeking. The Sun, during this Full Moon, was trine Pluto, so there was a push for change, to real-ize, to make real what is understood. The Moon is always carrying emotion, but a watery Moon in Pisces conjunct the Pisces ruler Neptune, is super charged with emotions, intuition, and instinctual potential. Particularly due to Neptune's retrograde position, there was the possibility of quite overwhelming pressures, both internal and external, that could drain one's energy.

We may have felt weakened, confused, and unable to cope with all the crises or conflicts that arose. Sensing the thoughts and feelings of other people can be exhausting, can create illness and fatigue, especially if you are unaware that some of what you are experiencing is not truly your own "stuff." It is likely you may have also felt enormous compassion and empathy for those you knew were suffering. It is good not to underestimate the power of your emotional sensitivity and the comfort you can offer others. It is also important to provide yourself the comfort and self-care you need if you are particularly sensitive. Dreams were abundant, even if you didn't remember them upon wakening. Trust that your unconscious was doing big work—IF you were able to sleep. Insomnia was very common as well.

Venus was in an inconjunct aspect to the Full Moon/Neptune conjunction at the Full Moon, requiring a closer look at some relationship dynamics that may have felt out of balance. Inconjuncts require us to make adjustments. Venus in Leo requires self-love. If you experienced a feeling that you were making too many sacrifices to make a relationship work, then it was time to set some new rules.

Mercury re-entered Virgo at 7:52 PM PDT, on September 9. Mercury's entrance to Virgo had it strongly conjunct Mars, and trine the Moon in Taurus. Though Mercury was still in its shadow, its direct motion, and its rulership of the sign it's now in, gave it a power it hadn't had since late July. Our capacity for communicating more directly and clearly became much stronger. However, as it gains speed, it will once again oppose Neptune from September 14-23, which can bring mental complications. Take that challenge as an opportunity to be a Virgoan warrior, and attempt to be especially clear in your communications.

From September 7-29 the Virgo Sun is square Saturn. Throughout the entire month, Jupiter is opposing Uranus/Eris, exact on September 27. With these aspects, there is a challenge to be steadfast and dependable in our work, balanced in our care of self and others, needing to think ahead to prevent problems. We know these qualities are reflected in the enormous rescue work being done all over the world, but we can all benefit from such efforts in our own lives, during these stressful times.

The shadow also keeps running wild. A mentall disturbed teen shoots up schoolmates. A terrorist attack in the London Underground injures dozens. N. Korea shoots more missiles over Japan. We all have choices. Keep your focus on positive choices and positive outcomes for all.

Just prior to the New Moon, Venus enters Virgo at 6:16 PM PDT on September 19. Her only aspect is an out-of-sign trine to Uranus and Eris, and she had been in trine to that duo since about September 10. Her move to Virgo calms the trine, in that our Venus energy will still be valuing the new and unique, but perhaps more thoughtful about consequences associated with them.

The New Moon, at 27 degrees 27 minutes Virgo, arrives on September 19 at 10:29 PM PDT. The New Moon opposes Chiron, and squares Saturn. With the New Moon, and most recently Venus, there are five planets in Virgo. This gives the sign of Virgo lots of energy, given its ruler Mercury, is also there. Mercury, on that day, moves out of its shadow, and is exactly opposed Neptune. this could lead to miscommunications, despite Mercury no longer being retrograde. Neptune increases the fantasy and illusional aspects of the mind.

The Sun/Moon opposition to Chiron, at the start of a new cycle, tells us that it's time to view early wounding in a "new" way. Rather than using it as a way of continuing to feel like a victim, it's time to view it as a need for experiencing a challenge that you can overcome, and release. Saturn can help with this, by encouraging honesty and facing the truth of your past. Dig deep into the details of early experiences where you felt "less than" or inadequate in some way. Despite the reality of the scar, recognize that was then, and now is now.

We often associate the striving for perfection with the sign of Virgo, and the capacity for doing very detailed work. While the personal planets are all in Viro, it may be a very good time for tidying up, making sure projects you've begun are all in good order, making lists, and checking off what's completed. It can be very helpful to be clear with yourself on even mundane tasks, given Neptune will be opposing Mercury until September 24, and opposing Mars through the end of the month. The Neptune influence tells us we need to trust our intuition, but we may need some falidation in doing so. With the increase in discernment capacity, much can be accomplished in this New Moon cycle.

The Sun enters Libra at 1:02 PM PDT on September 22. This is the Autumnal equinox for those of us above the equator, and the Spring equinox for those below the equator. It's the balance moment for day and night. The symbol for Libra is the scales, implying that the energy is balanced, but actually Libra energy is more the search for balance. A Libran time is also about finding beauty, in the arts and in nature, and seeking harmony and equality in relationships. We must always keep in mind that Aries is Libra's polarity, and thus we a need to seek negotiated compromises. Try for what is fair, rather than giving in to aggression, or a need to be too accomodating.

Pluto stations direct on September 28 at 12:36 PM PDT at 16 degrees 51 minutes Capricorn. What will the planet of truth reveal next? During the past five months of retrograde motion, we saw some really unpleasant realities in this country. Nothing that hasn't been there all along, mind you. But perhaps it's not been quite so unclothed and ugly as the white supremacy and racism revealed so starkly in Charlottesville that no one in their right mind could deny its reality. Or, the willingness of so many members of our Congress to remove health care from millions of vulnerable people, including seniors, the disabled, families with  children, etc, all to please, and give tax cuts, to their already super-rich donors. Plus, the rejection of the concept of human-caused climate change is getting much more difficult to maintain when huge swaths of our coastal environments get quite literally washed away, and we are left with carbon-based fuel sludge-infused "drinking" water. There's an excellent video of Senator Al Franken recently giving the Energy Secretary Rick Perry a humiliating lecture on what's what with climate change science. You can find it on youtube. Greed has been ruling the government. The risks our government as been taking, and continues to take, with the health and safety of all our lives is mind-boggling.

This is Pluto in Capricorn. We are watching our government collapse before our very eyes. So will Robert Mueller's investigation begin to give us details of what he and his team have been finding once Pluto is direct? We'll have to wait and see, but confrontations of unpleasant truths are expected.

Mercury joins the Sun in Libra at 5:43 PM PDT on September 29. That leaves Venus and Mars conjunct in Virgo for the remainder of the month, as we slowly move into a more Libran time in October. More seeking of balance for all of us.


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