July: A Need for Optimum Choices and Endurance

When July started, we had the Cancer Sun opposing Saturn in Capricorn and squaring Chiron in Aries, forming a T-square and giving us an indicator that July would be a testy month, with a lot of power struggles and critical moments for us to choose between grumpy and civil. Given that Mars was also retrograde and conjunct the Moon and the south node of the Moon, those power struggles would surely relate to issues that could threaten economic stability and national security, as well as personal security concerns.

The positive potential of the initial chart was that the Sun, despite being involved in powerful hard aspects, was also trine both Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, who have been trine each other for some time.  The trine between Jupiter and Neptune has been helping us to go deeper and further into our spiritual paths if we have chosen to do so. Having the Sun connect with those two planets and form a Grand Trine could have brought relief to those who had the intention of finding a way to stay sane in a mad mad, mad mad world.

There could also have been a less “spiritual” outcome to the trine aspects, given the “flow” of trine energy between the planets. Some people may have “flowed” with whatever felt good in the moment, and focused on addictive or compulsive behaviors to find relief. On July 4, the Moon joined Neptune in the Grand Trine, bringing more emotion and drive to find comfort from crisis.  On the same day, the Sun began building an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, an aspect that will no doubt leave us awe-struck in our observations later in the month.

Also on July 4, at 9:46 PM PDT, Chiron, at 2 degrees 25 minutes Aries, stationed retrograde. It will retrograde back into Pisces from September 26, 2018 until February 18, 2019, when it returns to Aries, remaining until 2027. This is important to everyone, but particularly for people with planets at the very end of Pisces or Virgo, or at the very beginning of Aries or Libra. Those people have been experiencing a Chiron transit, and need to be paying attention. Chiron is in a healing or mending process for something that has been broken and needs to be reintegrated into the whole of who a person is. If Chiron transits are ignored or strongly resisted, the healing process is much more difficult or simply doesn’t happen. Just because something feels painful or scary, due to an old memory, it may be that it is emerging now so that it can be accepted, the wound allowed to heal, and we become even stronger on all levels.

Venus moved into the sign of Virgo at 7:32 PM PDT on July 9, allowing us to view our relationships and our values from a more discriminating perspective, yes, maybe being too picky, but perhaps just more efficient.

Jupiter stationed direct at 10:03 AM PDT on July 10, while forming a water Grand Trine with the Sun in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. This Grand Trine, if we focused on the opportunity, provided us with the bigger picture of global connection, helped to give us faith that there can, and will be, actions by many to carry us forward in a positive cooperative direction, despite the political divides pushed by current corrupt officials in government. As an example, take a look at how many people have been speaking up and standing up to power on the separation of immigrant children from their parents. Large numbers of organizations, small non-profits as well as large corporations (like airlines and such) have been assisting in whatever ways they can. It may feel like Sisyphus rolling the stone up the hill, for whatever positive actions are taken, the government takes actions which allow the stone to roll back down the hill. The positive actions are not futile, however. They show the caring and compassion that most people have, their opposition to the treatment of the parents and children, and it has to register in the hearts of the oppressed.

We had a New Moon in Cancer on July 12 at 7:47 PM PDT, and a partial solar eclipse. The New Moon was in exact opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, and also square to Eris, forming a T-square. Given that the Sun in the U.S. chart was also in Cancer, this powerful opposition with Pluto reflected a state of crisis for this country, putting our national security in serious jeopardy. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, Pluto came into the picture—big time!

Our current president was in Europe at the NATO summit, projecting his own inadequacies on our allies, insulting and threatening them, for the benefit of Russia’s Putin, who wants NATO broken up for his benefit. NATO has been the major security alliance for the western world since WWII. Here at home, the president’s own party in Congress was holding a so-called hearing, requiring testimony from an FBI agent who they were hypocritically projecting their inadequacies on, in an attempt to discredit the special counsel investigation on the Russian interference in our 2016 election.  Luckily, there was also, at the time, an earth Grand Trine between Venus in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus, getting down to earth and practical. The FBI agent in the hearing stayed calm, cool and collected, stuck with the facts, and defended his agency in fine form. That Grand Trine was also reflected in some results of the special counsel’s investigation, as they revealed indictments, on July 13, of 12 Russians for hacking DNC emails during the 2016 elections, making it quite clear that the FBI agent’s testimony was legitimate. Then, the embarrassed Republicans decided to kill the messenger, as they instantly began impeachment proceedings for the Deputy Attorney General who announced the indictments. At most any other time in our history, this would sound unbelievable, but right now? It’s par for the course. The level of hypocrisy, scandal and corruption in this administration, and their political party, is over the top! Only Pluto, et. al. could reflect such intensity.

Meanwhile on the dark side of communications, with Mercury in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio, the president lied again to the extreme, accusing the Mueller investigation of being a “witch” hunt, despite more indictments and guilty pleas than from any such investigation.  Then he said he didn’t insult Britain or Teresa May, just after insulting them. Lies about lies, and then lies about the lies lied about.

A New Moon is a new beginning of a cycle lasting a month. In this particular cycle, there will be another eclipse halfway through, on the Full Moon later in the month. Eclipses are said to be portals, gateways to allowing new ideas, new inspiration. But of course, we must be able and willing let go of old ideas to make room for the new. With such a powerful start, the need to face truths, and not ignore or deny them, about ourselves, our country, and the world itself, is critical.  Each of us needs to take some time for looking inward, to listen to our spiritual guides, perhaps wise ancestors who want only to help us, and then we must heed them. We may feel overwhelmed, overly stressed, in grief or pain from a loss that was unexpected, yet it is in our best interest to give ourselves a moment to ask for guidance. It could bring much relief, and be easier to follow than one expects.

The T-square between the Sun, Pluto and Eris stays active for about 10 days, from July 10-20. During that entire time, Jupiter is trine Neptune. As mentioned before, that trine could have given us faith to carry on, despite difficulties. We may have tapped into our intuition and creative energy in brand new ways. But it also could have reflected a more sinister quality. Some people could have used that energy for manipulation, through deception and misinformation. Particularly from July 5-15, Mercury in Leo was square Jupiter. Using communication to mislead others for personal gain could have been, unfortunately, a common occurrence. And those folks who just hear what they want to hear, as opposed to facts, can easily be manipulated.

The Sun moves into its own sign of Leo at 2:01 PM PDT on July 22, forming a fire Grand Trine with the Moon in Sagittarius and Eris in Aries. It is also conjunct the north node of the Moon and opposed the conjunction of Mars in Aquarius and the south node of the Moon. This is an image of where the right decisions could lead us, a place of the big generous heart, away from violence, and toward peace and justice. May it be so.

Mercury stations retrograde at 10:03 PM on July 25, at 23 degrees 27 minutes Leo, for its second of three retrograde periods of 2018. It will go direct on August 18, but remain in its shadow until September 1. It makes no aspects at the station with the exception of a trine to Eris. Mercury will be in the sign of Leo during the whole retrograde period. If old memories come up, or old friends pop out of the blue, just try to be in a place you can let go of things that weigh you down. Otherwise, just back up your devices and prepare for some inconvenience, whether or not it arrives.

The Full Moon in Aquarius, with an accompanying lunar eclipse, occurs at 1:20 PM PDT on July 27, forming a strong fixed T-square with Uranus in Taurus. The Moon is conjunct its south node and the Sun, of course, is conjunct the Moon’s north node. Thus, the past-future axis is stimulated, and it can be helpful to keep this in mind. This Full Moon is called a “blood Moon,” because it will turn a red or ruddy-brown color. It will also be the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century, lasting one hour and 43 minutes. If you add in the penumbral time, a little before and after when the moon is in the lighter part of Earth's shadow, the time is nearly 4 hours! Unfortunately, the eclipse won't be visible to viewers in North America, except via webcasts. It can be observed in much of Africa, the Middle East, southern Asia and the Indian Ocean region, if the weather cooperates.

It happens that July's total lunar eclipse occurs on the same day Mars reaches its opposition, when it will shine at its best in the night sky. So be sure to take a look, for Mars will be at its closest to Earth since 2003. After opposition, when Mars will be brightest, it will reach that closest point on July 31. (Thanks to space.com for this information)

The day of the Full Moon, Venus is exactly trine Pluto. Emotions will run high, as will passion, so it could be a good day to indulge in activities that bring you joy and satisfaction, whether it be relationships, physical activity or artistic endeavors.

The last 10 days of the month, from July 20-30, Venus is opposed Neptune. This is an important time to love yourself, and to maintain good boundaries, for the chances of being swayed by illusion are high. It’s also probably not a good time for making important financial investments, due to the fact that during that period, what looks really promising may not turn out as advertised. Also, on July 30 and 31, the Moon conjuncts Neptune, reinforcing our fantasies. It could be a very good time for creative endeavors, just not so good for down-to-earth practicalities for the long term.



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