September: A Month of Challenge and Transition

With the start of September, I think we were all hoping for a respite from the intensity and chaos of the prior summer months, which put us through multiple eclipses, a large number of retrograde planets, and lots of difficult aspects. I read a few blog posts as the month was starting that said now we’re in Virgo, everything will be orderly and organized, no more retrogrades, no more confusion or drama! It will all be calm and clear. When I looked at the chart of the start of the month, however, I saw something far more complicated, and much less like wishful thinking.

Early on September 1, the Sun was building an opposition to Neptune, and the Moon was opposed Jupiter. Mars was square both Venus and Eris, in a cardinal T-square. Saturn was square Chiron. Yes, there was a grand trine in earth, which could potentially be grounding and calming. However, we need to look at the planets involved: Saturn, the planet of limitation and status quo vs Uranus, the planet of risk-taking and revolution vs the Sun in Virgo, which would attempt to try and keep it all together in perfect step by step order, but get totally stressed with the details of the other two planets going in opposite directions!!

Despite the six month duration of the trine between Saturn and Uranus, and the rather extreme differences in their energies and purpose, there is no winner or loser at the end. In fact, the whole point is to utilize both energies for a positive evolutionary outcome. And whether it is the Sun getting engaged in a Grand Trine with them for a brief period, or Mercury, or the Moon, the addition of other planetary energies is like adding additional ingredients to a recipe you’ve never made before. It adds to the flavor, and the texture, even the style, until you have a main dish never before created, and hopefully it is palatable, with the minimum of destruction in its wake. This is very much like what is happening in our world. Some would prefer status quo, or the “good ‘ole days” without seeing that there is no going back. The world is changing, like it or not. Others want to move forward immediately, with “liberty and justice for all,” without realizing that systems must make adjustments, just as people do, before societal changes can be accepted and appreciated.

Mercury entered its own sign of Virgo at 7:39 PM PDT on September 5, forming an earth Grand Trine with Saturn and Uranus, helping us figure out what direction we needed to be going, just as the Sun did for a few days at the beginning of the month.

Saturn stationed direct at 4:09 AM PDT on September 6, at 2 and 1/2 degrees Capricorn. At that time the Moon was in Cancer, opposing Mars in its final degree of Capricorn, and the Sun was in a strong opposition with Neptune. Saturn changing direction is a reminder that the time is ripe for moving forward in a grounded, practical way with plans and projects that may have been on the shelf, but not yet put in motion.

Venus entered Scorpio at 2:26 AM PDT on September 9. Being in Scorpio is a major stress for Venus, for she is in a sign opposite one she rules, is not particularly comfortable there, and she is slowing for an upcoming retrograde period in this sign of death and rebirth. It’s like a descent into the underworld, and we must all brace ourselves for a period of self-reckoning. Her entrance into Scorpio was just hours prior to the New Moon, the time of new beginnings, and the energies that will be strongly with us for a month.

The New Moon arrived at exactly 17 degrees Virgo at 11:01 AM PDT on September 9, opposing Neptune, trine Pluto, and sextile Jupiter. Mercury, Saturn, and Uranus were still in a Grand Trine. This lunation, therefore, has all the outer planets exerting very strong energies, reminding us that it is a time for serious change, transformational change, and not just for individuals, but the collective as a whole. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto were all in earth signs, while Neptune, comfortable in her own water sign of Pisces, was most uncomfortable trying to navigate in connection to all the earth energy.
Mars re-entered Aquarius, following its retrograde period, at 5:56 PM PDT on September 10, once again conjunct the south node of the Moon.

It’s like step by step, we’re now able to get the ball rolling, moving ahead with the higher consciousness of Neptune, but also the earth-bound solidity of the earth planets. We must leave behind old beliefs, actions, even people, who are not consistent with our current values and greater purpose for being. Mercury, Mars, and Saturn are now direct. The New Moon in Virgo is strong, beginning a new cycle, and we must be willing to pay attention to each detail, as needed, to find success. That is not to say there won’t be fear, or there won’t be questions, but we are ready now to harvest and integrate the information gathered during the summer months.

On September 12, the Moon in Scorpio conjuncted Venus, as they both opposed Uranus in Taurus, and the three formed a T-square with Mars in Aquarius. Powerful fixed energies, speaking strongly in terms of us needing to follow our deepest desires and values as we move ahead for the good of all. It is no accident that there are six bodies in the earliest degrees of their signs, saying yes, this is a new time. New ideas and ways of being are being brought to the forefront. They may be rejected by some, scoffed at by others, but as said before, there is no going back. Venus is opposed to Uranus through September 22, when she moves deeper into Scorpio. She remains square to Mars through the end of the month.

From September 11-15, Mercury was opposed Neptune. This opened us up to messages from the unconscious and the spirit world, via dreams, symbols, messages, and intuitive insights that we might have been searching for, or that we had no idea we needed, but nevertheless, seem to “feel” exactly right. Unfortunately, there could also have been confusion, memory loss, or a complete distortion/manipulation of facts (just listen to the news) as the shadow side of this aspect.

Following the New Moon, the Moon of course moved on rapidly, but Mercury came up to join the Sun and the two remain conjunct for the remainder of the month, first in Virgo, then in Libra for the final week of the month. Mercury shifts into Libra at 8:40 PM PDT on September 21. The Sun shifts into Libra at 6:55 PM PDT on September 22, the Fall Equinox. These moves into Libra definitely change the energy from predominately earth energy to a mix of earth, air and water. The shift also puts more emphasis onto Saturn as the Sun/Mercury conjunction opposes Chiron and squares Saturn in a T-square formation until September 25 when Mercury moves ahead. That same day, Chiron retrogrades back into Pisces at 5:12 PM PDT. The Sun remains in the T-square, though out-of-sign, through the end of the month.

The aspects with Chiron remind us that we need not be held back by old wounding and scars, particularly from childhood. We can use our strengths, our love, and with the help of Venus in Scorpio, what we truly value about ourselves, in order to rise above anxiety, fear or shame. I share here two valuable quotes from Rumi: 1) “The wound is the place where the light enters you.” and 2) “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

From mid-month through the end of September, the Sun is trine Mars. It is an out-of-sign trine until the Sun shifts into Libra on the Fall Equinox. This strengthens the trine and adds a Libran spin to the somewhat out of the ordinary actions we may be inclined to take with the T-square of Mars, Venus and Uranus. Venus in Scorpio, aspected is it was/is, can have us quite conflicted. Deep emotions emerge unexpectedly, and make decision-making feel like a tactical war game. The opposition to Uranus begins to fade by the 19th, but the square to Mars continues through the end of the month.

A Full Moon in Aries, at 2 degrees, arrives on September 24, at 7:52 PM PDT, with the Moon conjunct Chiron, and forming an exact T-square with Saturn. Mercury, at 5 degrees Libra, is conjunct the Sun, opposite the Moon and also square Saturn. With Mars as the Moon’s ruler, we need to look at Mars aspects. Mars and Uranus are still square. Mars and Venus are still square. Mars is trine the Sun and Mercury, and sextile the Moon and Chiron. This says Mars could be part of difficulties with competitiveness or impulsiveness, and also part of the ways through them, with courage, confidence, and stamina.

We have a Full Moon filled with hard aspects. The T-square with Saturn, at exactly 2 degrees, definitely grabs the attention, as does the Moon conjunct Chiron. There are issues of needing to feel secure, but being conflicted, due to simultaneous feelings of woundedness, possibly shame or unworthiness. The Moon and Saturn square is difficult, requiring us to work through a sense of isolation and loneliness, while also battling negative thinking with Mercury square Saturn. How do we find a sense of security or safety with all of this? It will definitely require strength and a willingness to be patient. Saturn is trine Uranus, giving you some energy to find a new way through difficult feelings, a willingness to release old beliefs in order to free yourself to truly be you.

The final week of the month, our strengths will be emphasized and available. The Sun squares Saturn, and trines Mars, while opposing Chiron. When we find within our core the desire for harmony, for equality, and for peacemaking, we can take actions which reflect those desires. Venus is trine Neptune that week, as well, bringing an urge to value ourself, our spirituality, and our deepest desires. This can be reflected in calmer and more cordial relations, and a greater capacity for truly listening to each another.

See you next month!



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