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  • December is known for shopping, holidays,  get-togethers with family and friends, acknowledging old traditions, and yes—exhaustion. This month is no different, other than perhaps a much more intense level of changing energies, and the need to make a lot of adjustments while trying to keep up with our already tight schedules. Mercury's final retrograde period of 2017 comes on top of a Full Moon in Gemini accompanied by a lot of Neptune energy. Venus shifts first from Scorpio to Sagittarius, and late in the month, from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Mars shifts from Libra to Scorpio, and later conjoins Jupiter. A New Moon in Sagittarius conjuncts Saturn. Then Saturn enters its own sign of Capricorn. Then we have the Winter Solstice as the Sun enters Capricorn, and the very next day Mercury stations direct. A big and eventful month. Click the title for all the details.
  • November has been a month of seeing what is difficult to observe, feeling stressed, yet also being relieved that we can release that which may have been holding us back. We watch, and participate in, relationships and belief systems changing as they need to, in order to prepare us for a different world in the future. The Scorpio energy sends us deep into feelings and intuitive states, allowing us to be more completely ourselves, and more truthful in who we are. We had Full Moon in Taurus on November 3, lots of edgy and tense aspects, a Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio, and Venus/Uranus opposition. The New Moon in Scorpio took us even deeper into the need to be honest and to face all that needs to be released. Neptune stations direct on November 22, allowing us to ease into a stronger capacity for intuition and surrender that must accompany the beginning of the end of the fall season when the Sun enters Sagittarius. Click on the title to read details.
  • October lets us know that there is no end to the surprises life provides. At least for most of us, "boring" is rarely a word we use to describe life. Each day can bring a change in perspective, a deeper way of knowing ourselves, and an acknowledgement of more possibilities for our world. This month brings big changes, with a Full Moon in Aries, then Jupiter entering Scorpio for a 13-month sojourn. Sun and Mercury conjunct, then Venus and Mars conjunct. All the personal planets change signs within a week. There is a New Moon in Libra on October 19, exactly opposed Uranus in Aries, rocking our relationships, and hopefully bringing them more into balance. The entire month is an opportunity to bring about changes in your own self-identification, seeing how you can be better aligned for your true purpose, and how to operaate in a more honest way with others. There will be challenges, but also support, in staying the course for your own unique path.
  • We see enormous climate devastation affect millions of people as September begins. Is this the harvest from denying what climate scientists have been telling us for years now? Might that be part of the message of what the recent total solar eclipse, called the "American" eclipse, has to tell us? This month is complicated, and there is a need for taking on much of the positive Virgo energy and qualities to deal with it successfully. Click on the title to read the details.
  • August starts out very active, with Uranus stationing retrograde on the 2nd at 28 degrees Aries, and will be there to trine the New Moon at its eclipse degree on the 21st. The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 7 came with a lunar eclipse, as well as a great deal of confusion, and possible wakenings to new ways of thinking. Mercury stationed retrograde in Virgo on August 12, and with it, came a wild dance of aspects, shaking us with mental activity, too much information, and the need to slow down and take stock. The New Moon in Leo, with the total solar eclipse, arrives on August 21, and all hands on deck as we open to what needs to happen in order to find healing and a better future. Check on the title to get more detail!
  • July is filled with intensity. There are weeks of challenging aspects, the likelihood of some rash actions, irritability, and disturbing news. It is of great importance to be self-aware, have the knowledge that we are all vulnerable to these energies, and yet do not have to be overwhelmed by them. We need to draw our boundaries around others anger and projections, walk away when it's needed, and keep reminding ourselves of our own vision and values. The Capricorn Full Moon was July 8-9, depending on time zone, and the New Moon in Leo is July 23, starting the cycle which will end at the solar eclipse on August 21 Click on the title for more details.
  • June provides many key moments when we can be distracted and veer off course, or maintain vigilance and responsibility, staying true to ourselves. The planets align in ways that can be challenging, particularly to what we are used to, or the status-quo. But there are also opportunities to invest in new information, new ways to communicate, and new ways to stand up for ourselves and what we really need and want for our life. There's a Full Moon in Sagittarius, and a New Moon in Cancer, both with strong aspects to Neptune, and opportunities to gain in consciousness. Jupiter stations direct and Neptune stations retrograde during the month. Click on the title for the full details.
  • May is not a month of ease, but a month of easing up. There is stress, but a bit less stress. It is spring, and we are spreading roots, pushing new parts of ourselves through to manifestation. For our blooms to be fully present, we must release the old coverings, and let the new parts shine. The new growth is not always aware of how strong it is, because it's new and seeing the world for the first time. The old parts fall away, and become nourishment for the future. May's Full Moon in Scorpio on the 10th was big, deep, and emotionally challenging. But we came out of it with even more self-awareness, and growth. There are many tensions to square off with during the month, issues to face, and experiences to make us stronger, and  more clear about who we are. The Sun will move to Gemini on May 20. The New Moon in Gemini will be May 25. We must stay aware, resist the lure of distraction, and take responsibility for our consciousness and our actions. Click on the title for more details.
  • April is bringing us far more than the usual number of simultaneous retrograde planets, and with that, the need to do introspection, the need to reassess our  own values, including how we value ourself and our needs. There is a need to focus when it is difficult to do so, a need to be strong when we may feel it's just too much to ask. We also had a powerful Full Moon in Libra on April 10, giving even more charge to the aspects of transformation change we've been dealing with for many months. There will be a New Moon in Taurus on April 26, allowing us to get back into our bodies and our senses following a period of confusion and unpredictability. More details when you click on the title.
  • March has been like riding a roller coaster through a wild fire! Where am I going? Where have I been? Can I breathe? I'm so distracted. There's so much to see, and it's whirring by in a flash! It started with most planets of the chart concentrated within less than 40 degrees, in either Pisces or Aries. With strong aspects to the remaining planets, we have been pushed from the inside and the outside. We seek freedom and independence, yet we want to be seen and loved and appreciated. We want to move forward, but have a difficult time letting go of where we've been. There's help. There's hope. But we need patience, we need perseverence, and we need a willingness to stay the course. We have been, and are in, a time of epic change!