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  • December started out with contradictory energies and continued to bounce us between questioning our reality, and accepting the powerful changes transforming our world. It has been uncomfortable, challenging, yet having us dig deep. We have had to be questing for our internal truths, stepping up so we can assist our fellow journeyers to bring forward ways to improve our world, while so much seems to be crashing backwards in time. For more details on the astrological picture of December, click on the title.
  • We have an emphasis on the outer planets for November. It's the month of Scorpio, so Pluto stirs the soul, keeping us riled, while Uranus opens our eyes to visions we don't necessarily want to see. Meanwhile Neptune keeps us confused, rattled, and able to see little but illusion. But we must allow Saturn and Mars to keep us putting one foot in front of the other, carrying on until the storm lifts, and we see what desolation has resulted. Then together, we must find solace in solidarity, taking action where we can, to care for one another. Click on the title for more details.
  • October began with lots of cardinal energy, hard aspects and a need to find balance amidst the tension. Balance is possible, despite the insanity of world affairs. But we need to take time for looking within, for looking at the larger picture and not just the details of the moment. We need to hold fast to our inner voice of truth, and not fall victim to outer voices of condemnation. October moves us deeper into Fall, as the days continue to darken, and we prepare for a new cycle. Click on the title for more details.
  • September is filled with powerful Mercury retrograde moments, eclipses to take our breath away, a Full Moon in Libra, and not one but two New Moons! And along the way, Saturn and Neptune are in strong square aspect, Uranus and Mars have their wild and crazy moments, and the Pluto and Chiron wounds show up once again. But we will make it through! Click on the title to read the details.
  • July began with a preponderance of water signs, and strong Pluto in the mix. We struggled with lots of emotion, frustrations and impatience. The New Moon on the Fourth of July only intensified our emotions, while bringing up old feelings of insecurity, to carry with us through the Moon cycle. Change was knocking at the door, and many of us trembled at the thought. Happenings in the world around us brought more fear, grief, and a wish for it all to just stop. But Pluto and Uranus, Saturn with Neptune, prodded us to stay awake, listen to our inner voice, make the changes we need, and promote conditions for a better world. Click the title for more details.
  • A mutable Grand Cross dominates the scene as June begins, sending mixed messages, and creating confusion. We settle on an idea, and then another one appears in contradiction. Which do we choose? Which path do we take? It's time for action, but we fear making a mistake. The New Moon in Gemini insists on new beginnings, a new vision for ourselves, and for the world. But our vision seems impractical. How can we manifest the impossible? The world is calling us to evolve, to make changes in our belief systems, our structures, our sense of connectedness. The old ways are no longer working. We must look within, connect with each other, but remain true to our own inner compass. Click on the title for more details.
  • May surrounds us in beauty as usual, but this year May also gives us a lot of inner turmoil that can erupt into outer frustrations. We have five planets retrograde as May begins. These slowdowns and confusion can feel like personal failures or blockages, even though they aren't. It's the Universe reminding us to slow down, and take a good and careful look at the path we're on. If there are behaviors and/or beliefs that are getting in the way of forward movement and evolution, now's the time to make changes! Click on the title for more detail.
  • April began with a Moon/Pluto conjunction square a Uranus/Mercury conjunction, a potent signature to begin a month when both Mars and Pluto will station retrograde, we'll have a powerful Aries New Moon, and a Full Moon in Scorpio! Sudden insights, deep feelings, and lots of hard aspects present a strong case for giving ourselves time for lots of introspection, re-thinking and reviewing both our inner and outer lives. Click on the title to read the full blog for details.
  • There is an especially strong emphasis on the sign of Pisces and the planet Neptune this month. The New Moon in Pisces, coincidental with the only total solar eclipse of 2016, is particularly powerful! All of the personal planets change signs! There are strong aspects with Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, plus a stellium in Pisces. There are strong aspects with Venus, putting pressure on relationships and finances. Saturn turns retrograde! There's a Full Moon in Libra, and the Vernal Equinox. March is BIG! Get more details. Just click on the title.
  • February began as the depth of winter, with many of us feeling stuck in the "in between." Old parts of us dying, new parts being born, and each of us wondering where we are moving, who we are becoming. Lessons of hanging in there, staying focused and persistent, will help us melt what was frozen and create the future we envision. Especially important aspects: Mercury conjunct Pluto, the New Moon in Aquarius, Mercury moving out of its retrograde shadow, Chiron aspects with Saturn and Jupiter, the Full Moon in Virgo, and Sun conjunct Neptune. Click on the title to read the details.