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  • July began with a preponderance of water signs, and strong Pluto in the mix. We struggled with lots of emotion, frustrations and impatience. The New Moon on the Fourth of July only intensified our emotions, while bringing up old feelings of insecurity, to carry with us through the Moon cycle. Change was knocking at the door, and many of us trembled at the thought. Happenings in the world around us brought more fear, grief, and a wish for it all to just stop. But Pluto and Uranus, Saturn with Neptune, prodded us to stay awake, listen to our inner voice, make the changes we need, and promote conditions for a better world. Click the title for more details.
  • A mutable Grand Cross dominates the scene as June begins, sending mixed messages, and creating confusion. We settle on an idea, and then another one appears in contradiction. Which do we choose? Which path do we take? It's time for action, but we fear making a mistake. The New Moon in Gemini insists on new beginnings, a new vision for ourselves, and for the world. But our vision seems impractical. How can we manifest the impossible? The world is calling us to evolve, to make changes in our belief systems, our structures, our sense of connectedness. The old ways are no longer working. We must look within, connect with each other, but remain true to our own inner compass. Click on the title for more details.
  • May surrounds us in beauty as usual, but this year May also gives us a lot of inner turmoil that can erupt into outer frustrations. We have five planets retrograde as May begins. These slowdowns and confusion can feel like personal failures or blockages, even though they aren't. It's the Universe reminding us to slow down, and take a good and careful look at the path we're on. If there are behaviors and/or beliefs that are getting in the way of forward movement and evolution, now's the time to make changes! Click on the title for more detail.
  • April began with a Moon/Pluto conjunction square a Uranus/Mercury conjunction, a potent signature to begin a month when both Mars and Pluto will station retrograde, we'll have a powerful Aries New Moon, and a Full Moon in Scorpio! Sudden insights, deep feelings, and lots of hard aspects present a strong case for giving ourselves time for lots of introspection, re-thinking and reviewing both our inner and outer lives. Click on the title to read the full blog for details.
  • There is an especially strong emphasis on the sign of Pisces and the planet Neptune this month. The New Moon in Pisces, coincidental with the only total solar eclipse of 2016, is particularly powerful! All of the personal planets change signs! There are strong aspects with Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, plus a stellium in Pisces. There are strong aspects with Venus, putting pressure on relationships and finances. Saturn turns retrograde! There's a Full Moon in Libra, and the Vernal Equinox. March is BIG! Get more details. Just click on the title.
  • February began as the depth of winter, with many of us feeling stuck in the "in between." Old parts of us dying, new parts being born, and each of us wondering where we are moving, who we are becoming. Lessons of hanging in there, staying focused and persistent, will help us melt what was frozen and create the future we envision. Especially important aspects: Mercury conjunct Pluto, the New Moon in Aquarius, Mercury moving out of its retrograde shadow, Chiron aspects with Saturn and Jupiter, the Full Moon in Virgo, and Sun conjunct Neptune. Click on the title to read the details.
  • Pluto carries an unusual strength during January. From a conjunction with the Sun in Capricorn as the new year begins, and continuing its square to Uranus, Pluto then conjuncts Mercury for two weeks of its retrograde period during the month. This means some serious introspection. We cannot turn away from what must die and be released, as we review what must be born in order for us to further our evolutionary journeys. Click on the title to continue reading.
  • December begins with difficult aspects, many of which, last throughout the month. Nevertheless, there are also mitigating aspects which come and go, bringing tension relief, and allowing us to find meaning in our questioning, and agreement through compromise. The Saturn/Neptune square is a fascinating mix that will be with us well into 2016, holding our feet to the fire while we struggle with expanding belief systems, and find that the realities we assumed were firm, are actually crumbling, allowing even more truth to be revealed. The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 11 supports our search! The Winter Solstice encourages us to expand our personal authority in relationships, and the Full Moon in Cancer on Christmas Day brings emotional warmth if we take cafe of our needs for nurture.
  • Themes of past months mix with a Saturn/Neptune square to thoroughly perplex us this November. Yet, we're used to November being the time of deeply feeling Scorpio, so we're not taken totally aback. It is just that the complexity of aspects forces us to prepare for the unexpected, be self-observant, patient, and hopefully transformed by month's end. The intense involvement of Chiron in Pisces requires us to address feelings of woundedness throughout the month. The New Moon in Scorpio came on November 11 and the Full Moon in Gemini arrives November 25. The exact square of Saturn and Neptune arrives November 26. Click on the title for the full details.
  • October has us dealing with strong Neptune energies, despite personal planets in Virgo and Libra! Thus we reach for clarity, while wading in pools of mystery. There was a strong New Moon in Libra on October 12, which has us striving for peace, but realizing there are many points of view which must be considered before agreement can be reached. The strong Virgo energies may have us working hard, willing to take action, but finding a need to stop and check in with our heart space, on a regular basis, to be sure we are on the right path. A Taurus Full Moon comes near the end of the month on the 27th, just before Halloween! Have en enjoyable All Hallow's Eve. Click on the title to get more details for October.