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  • October may be Libra's month, when beauty and relationships are accented, but this year may not be quite so harmonious as usual. There are numerous aspects of tension and anxiety, not the least of which is the waxing square of Uranus and Pluto. November 1 will be the fourth of seven exact squares within a four-year period. October's New Moon in Libra will form a volatile T-square, and the Aries Full Moon will be accompanied by a Lunar Eclipse. Click on the title to read more...
  • Undercurrents of tension and conflict make the final days of summer less than joyful, but we can use the energy of Virgo to be discerning, and be willing to make improvements. A Mars square Saturn aspect brings frustration but perhaps a willingness to look closely at our behavior, and challlenge ourselves as to what is the best path in which to move toward the future. We'll have the compassion of Jupiter in Cancer, the humility of a New Moon in Virgo, the Moon's Nodes with lots of important aspects. The Full Moon in Pisces on the 19th has hardly off our plate when Pluto stations direct on the 20th, and then the Fall Equinox arrives on September 22 as the Sun moves into Libra. Lots to be aware of this month in order to say grounded and poised. Click on the title to read more.
  • August brings with it the charm of Leo, the perfectionism of Virgo, and the faith of Jupiter! Lots of Uranian energy urges us to break free of old ideas, and Mars spurs action. Meanwhile there's still plenty of water energy from the grand trine started last month, so we have lots of deep feelings as well. Can we trust enough? Have faith enough to move forward when we know what must be done, yet feel inadequate to the task? Read more about August's astrology by clicking on the title.
  • The month of July is filled with a watery grand trine, retrograde Mercury, and a New Moon in its own sign of Cancer! Saturn, part of the grand trine, stations direct. Mid-month we have 8 of 10 bodies in our solar system in water signs! But Uranus in Aries makes numerous critical aspects to planets, keeping us on our toes, and needing to prepare for the unexpected. Mercury stations direct on July 20, and on July 22 we have a Full Moon in Aquarius! Read more details by clicking on the title!
  • June is a watery month, with strong trines between planets in water signs, Neptune in Pisces stationing retrograde for five months. There is a New Moon in Gemini, but as the month moves along, the water emphasis seems only to increase. June 20-21 brings the Summer Solstice, and two days later we have the Full Moon in Capricorn! The final week of June has Jupiter move into Cancer, Mercury stationing retrograde, and Venus moving to Leo. Look for strong feelings, a need to listen to the wisdom of the heart, and bravely move forward, step by step, into one's vision of the future. Click on the title to read more!
  • The astrology of May is dominated by the Uranus/Pluto exact square. We are wanting to take action, but limited by self-doubt and the need for security. The fixed energy of Taurus has our feet on the ground but we are moving slowly, learning lessons about letting go of the past in order to move forward. We have two eclipses, a solar eclipse at the New Moon in Taurus May 9 and a lunar eclipse at the Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 24! The exact square of Uranus and Pluto comes on May 20, the same day the Sun moves into Gemini. Tensions are high, and the urge to break out and break through will be experienced by all. Read more details by clicking on the title.
  • April is spring! And spring is about rebirth, emergence, newness. The astrology of April reflects the pattern. Sounds great—all things new and lovely. But we forget that to have the new, we must also release the old, and that sometimes new ways of being, new behaviors, can be awkward at first. We are a work in progress. The astrology emphasizes taking action, making changes, moving forward. It is accompanied by frustration, impatience, and sometimes rash action that can later be regretted. Be kind to yourself in this time. Take a moment to tap in to the more subtle requests of your inner life. Click on the title to read more....
  • March may seem calm with so many planets in Pisces, but the inner work needs to be done, and the Piscean energy is there to assist, bringing compassion and forgiveness to the picture. The New Moon in Pisces makes for an alignment of 7 major celestial bodies in Pisces! Then Mars moves to Aries, then the Moon. Soon the Spring Equinox brings the Sun to the Aries point, and Venus soon follows! The Full Moon in Libra opposes the Aries energy and squares Pluto, breaking up the calmness and creating intense need for action! March spring energy makes for a great time for inner changes brought to manifest in the outer world.
  • The first days of February are an important gateway of energy, halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. It is a time to find what illuminates us. February is a time for looking inward, finding our inner vision, in time for us to burst forth that vision in spring! There's a New Moon in Aquarius, Full Moon in Virgo, Saturn goes retrograde, as does Mercury! We end up with a stellium in Pisces. Read more to find out what this could mean for you. Just click on the title.
  • We move forcefully into 2013! A strong and forward-looking chart, with a lot being accomplished, both directly and behind the scenes! Fundamental change is underway, as the future calls and we respond. There continue to be forces of resistance, however, and we must look at our own ego attachments for what may need to be left behind. A stellium in Capricorn has our rolling up our sleeves and preparing to build this new world we are so badly in need of. A Mars/Saturn square forces us to focus intently if we want to make movement. Venus conjuncts Pluto during the month, and sextiles Neptune. We have a New Moon in Cappricorn on January 11, and a Full Moon in Leo on January 26. Click on the title to read the details.