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  • December came in fiery and a bit crazy! How to cope with so much that doesn't seem to make sense! That's how the world appears when big changes are afoot. The Full Moon in Gemini the first weekend, Mars moving to Aquarius, Jupiter stationing retrograde, and Venus moving to Capricorn. Mid-month brings a grand trine in fire, plus the exact square of Uranus and Pluto! The volatiity and the potency for big change that we must face and embrace! The Winter Solstice and the New Moon in Capricorn both occur on the same day! Then Saturn moves into Sagittarius! It's a wild month, and we'll make it through to the end! Focus, stay aware, keep breathing! And click on the title for more details!
  • November, the month of deep feelings, introspection, and letting go. We have Neptune slowing to station, and strong Saturn influences to assist us in taking a sober look at our relationships, finances, and general behavior. Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn generates powerful energy for action. The Full Moon in Taurus will help us express our true nature. The New Moon in Sagittarius helps us to use our creativity, spiritual insights and faith to benefit the greater good. Meanwhile Uranus and Pluto move closer to another exact square, increasing the intensity for change. Click on the title to read more details.
  • October may have started with outer directed cardinal energy, lots of enthusiasm and excitement, but gradually shifts to a slower, more inner directed time of reflection. Mercury stations retrograde early in the month, on October 4, and remains retrograde until October 25. There is an emphasis on relationship during October, with lots of Libran energy, and Venus remaining conjunct the Sun throughout the month. There is a Lunar Ecllipse on the Full Moon in Aries on October 8, and a Solar Eclipse at the New Moon in Scorpio on October 23. For more details, click on the title.
  • September is a process of shifting from the past to the future, making a leap of consciousness between the month's start and its finish. We open with Mars and Saturn conjunction, accompanied by frustration, questioning and doubt. But as we proceed to allow old patterns to be released, we can take advantage of the aspects of the later part of the month. We not only have firey trines, we have the Fall Equinox, a Libra New Moon, and Venus shifting into her own sign of Libra. Click on the title to read more!
  • August begins with complex energies, not in particular harmony with each other. There is potential for creativity, but demands for discrimination, dealing with stress, facing the truth. The month starts with lots of Leo energy, ends with lots of Virgo! There are many Mars aspects with Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus. Neptune steps up to the plate with oppositions to planets in Virgo. The Uranus/Pluto square is still in play. There's a Full Moon in Aquarius, a New Moon in Virgo! Click on the title to read the details!
  • As July comes, we are ready for less intensity, and we get it! Nevertheless, there is still the work of integrating all the big changes that came at us in past few months. Mercury goes direct almost immediately. Other astrological aspects cooperate, but don't let us off the hook entirely! Saturn and Uranus are in a quincunx aspect all month and we explore what that means. July's Full Moon in Capricorn arrives July 12. Then planets start changing signs. Mercury to Cancer, Jupiter to Leo, Venus to Cancer, Sun to Leo, Mars to Scorpio. Saturn stations direct and Uranus stations retrograde. The New Moon in Leo comes on July 26, conjunct Jupiter and square Mars. Venus opposes Pluto at the end of the month, and Mars squares Jupiter. Read the details by clicking on the title.
  • June begins with lots of water signs and emotional content. We've lots of changes from the previous Cardinal Square to sort through and integrate. There is a duality during much of the month between mental Gemini energy and emotional and dreamy Piscean and Cancer energies. With Mercury retrograde for three weeks of the month, it is time for pondering, evaluating, assessing where we've been, and where we're going. There is an emphasis on relationships of all sorts, and how we can improve our behavior and communications in relationships. There is also a stirring of fears of insecurity and a need to sort out what of that is real and what is an old pattern that can be released. By the end of the month, we can calm down, relax and prepare for a new cycle. To read more detail, click on the title of the post.
  • We still have the Cardinal Grand Cross as May begins, but also a water Grand Trine, and Mars retrograde. Then Venus enters Aries, Mercury enters Gemini, and we have lots of relationship issues come to the fore. The month holds a powerful Full Moon in Scorpio on May 14, Mars stationing direct on the 19th. We become aware of changes that must be made on many fronts. The water Grand Trine helps us move the energies to make the changes, and heal the wounds of loss that emerge. Personal planets of Sun, Venus, and Mercury all change signs by the end of the month, and a New Moon in Gemini may lighten the mood.
  • April starts out with a Sun/Uranus conjunction in Aries, square to both Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer! Watch for impulsive action! Allow the Taurus Moon to ground you. As the month progresses, Mercury joins the Aries group and we could feel anxious. This may be the foretelling of the Grand Cross building in Cardinal signs. That cross is most intense from April 20-24, when Mars opposes Uranus and Jupiter opposes Pluto, and all four planets form a Grand Square or Cross. There's a total lunar eclipse on April 14-15 with the Full Moon in Libra! Great for night viewing when the red Moon will be next to the red planet Mars! Read the full April forecast by clicking on the title!
  • March kicks off with a New Moon in Pisces, lots of watery energy, and then within days, Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter station and change direction! Venus also changes signs, from Capricorn to Aquarius! And that's just the first week. At the same time, we are feeling the building tensions of the Cardinal Grand Square coming up in April. Pluto squaring Uranus, opposing Jupiter, and retrograde Mars will get into the action as well. Mid-month gives us a Full Moon in Virgo, and on the 20th we have the Vernal Equinox! At the end of the month we'll have a second New Moon, this one in Aries! There is much more detail in the full blog post. Just click on the title and it will take you there!