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  • December has Mercury deep in its retrograde motion, but turning direct on December 13. Uranus turns direct on December 9 on the Aries point. We have the Full Moon in Gemini on December 10, which is a total lunar eclipse. The Winter Solstice arrives on December 21, the New Moon on December 24. Jupiter goes direct on December 25! Lots of Pluto, Uranus, Chiron influences. A very complex month! Read more....
  • April! Lots of complex energy! Mercury and Mars going direct! Time to make choices and intiate change! Let the Fool's willingness to jump into the unknown set the tone for a month of surprises! New Moon in Taurus has potential for healing.
  • May is not a month of ease, but a month of easing up. There is stress, but a bit less stress. It is spring, and we are spreading roots, pushing new parts of ourselves through to manifestation. For our blooms to be fully present, we must release the old coverings, and let the new parts shine. The new growth is not always aware of how strong it is, because it's new and seeing the world for the first time. The old parts fall away, and become nourishment for the future. May's Full Moon in Scorpio on the 10th was big, deep, and emotionally challenging. But we came out of it with even more self-awareness, and growth. There are many tensions to square off with during the month, issues to face, and experiences to make us stronger, and  more clear about who we are. The Sun will move to Gemini on May 20. The New Moon in Gemini will be May 25. We must stay aware, resist the lure of distraction, and take responsibility for our consciousness and our actions. Click on the title for more details.