• August starts out with a Full Moon in Aquarius, then sees Mercury go direct on the 8th. Venus moves into Cancer and then forms a T-square with Pluto and Uranus, shaking our sense of safety and security mid-month. Then we have a Full Moon in Leo, and Mars conjunct Saturn in Libra. In the third week the Moon and Venus form a Cardinal Grand Cross with Pluto and Uranus, giving us more fodder for making changes in relationships. Then the Sun moves into Virgo and opposes Neptune in Pisces. Confused? or inspired? We also have Mars move into Scorpio and then a second Full Moon, a Blue Moon, this one in Pisces. Just before the month ends, Mercury moves into Virgo. See what all this could mean for you by clicking on the title!
  • August brings with it the charm of Leo, the perfectionism of Virgo, and the faith of Jupiter! Lots of Uranian energy urges us to break free of old ideas, and Mars spurs action. Meanwhile there's still plenty of water energy from the grand trine started last month, so we have lots of deep feelings as well. Can we trust enough? Have faith enough to move forward when we know what must be done, yet feel inadequate to the task? Read more about August's astrology by clicking on the title.
  • Venus retrograde takes center stage in August, asking us to become more true to ourselves and less reliant on conditioned beliefs. An emphasis in Leo energy asks us to indulge in creativity. Saturn stations direct on August 1, Jupiter changes signs, entering Virgo. We have Mercury entering its own sign of Virgo, opposing Neptune, and later opposing Chiron. There is a New Moon in Leo, and then the Sun squaring Saturn. We have nearly a week with no planets in air, until Mercury enters Libra. The final weekend gives a Full Moon in Pisces, and the capacity for more loving and compassionate relationships. Do click on the link for more details.
  • August is a month filled with multiple retrograde planets, challenging aspects, and the third eclipse in a lunar month. The New Moon in Leo had the ecllipse and was the focal point of a yod with Pluto and Neptune. The Full Moon is in Pisces late in the month. Several significant aspects remain in orb the entire month, including Mars square Uranus, Saturn trine Uranus, and Jupiter trine Neptune.  Mercury stations direct on August 18. Mars finally stations direct after a 2-month retrograde on August 27. Click on the title for details.