• After April's excess of Aries fire, May's New Moon in Taurus, May 2 at 11:52 PM PDT, arrived like a wee vacation, allowing us a few moments to breathe in some earthy solid Venusian energy. The breather was short-lived, however, for the backdrop was still the heartbeat of Aries, with Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars continuing their march through the warrior's sign. A Taurus Sun is powerful fixed earth energy, wanting tomove us slowly and surely toward a solid outcome. For the first half of this month, however, the fiery initiative of Aries will continue to ...
  • Wham! Pow! Shazam! Come July 1, the New Moon in Cancer, with its powerful eclipse in a Cardinal Grand Cross, we are off to an amazing web of changes—globall, institutionally, individually and in our communities!
  • Mercury retrograde for 3 weeks, Mars makes Cardinal T-square, Neptune backs into Aquarius for last time!